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Man Of The Moment


Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Mike Rogerson

20th - 28th April 1995
Matinee Saturday 22nd April

Douglas Beechey was once a hero, and prevented a robbery by Vic Parks. A TV special brings them together to see how their lives have changed since the attempted robbery. In true Ayckbourn style, the program does not end as the TV company intended.

Vic Parks Tony Axford
Trudy, his wife Sue Mooney
Cindy, their daughter Hannah Goddard
Sharon Griffin, their nanny Ella Burton
Ruy, their gardener Ronnie Dykstra
Marta, their maid Chris Hall
Kenny Collins, Vic's manager Charlie Cook
Jill Rillington Diana Boswell
Douglas Beechey Dave Midgley
Ashley Barnes Terry Hooper

Other roles

Linda Batson, Fiona Booth, Graham Boswell, Nick Capey, Liz Cook,
Peter de la Wyche, Geoffrey Martyn
Stage Manager Liz Cook
Prompt Margaret Seddon
ASM Nick Capey
Mavis Carlisle
Peter Mendham
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Sound Peter Mendham
Properties Jilly Burrows
Wardrobe Linda Batson
Jacque Bilsborough
Set Construction Graham Boswell
Dave Midgley
Building the set was interesting! We built a working swimming pool. It sat half in, half out of the scene dock and when filled contained nearly two tonnes of water. The floor boards adjacent to the dock were supported on acrows to take the weight. It was filled (with help from North West Water) from a standpipe in South Oak Lane. The filling took two attempts, the first was abandoned after the entire pool started to tilt and had to be rapidly drained! See photos from filling the pool.