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The Murder Of Maria Marten
The Red Barn


Brian J Burton

22nd - 27th October, 1984
Director: Peter Janes
William Corder (The squire’s son) Mike Janes
Thomas Marten (An honest rustic in the vale of years) Ken Sawyer
Mrs. Marten (Wife of Thomas Marten) Olive Bradbury
Maria Marten (Daughter of Thomas Marten) Georgina Thomas
Anne Marten (Maria’s younger sister) Kathryn Stephenson
Johnny Badger (A rustic in love with Maria) John Smith
Tim Bobbin (A simple Rustic) Al Fowkes
Meg Bobbin (Tim’s sister) Sue Grimshaw
Nell Hatfield (A gypsy woman) Clare McGlashan
Petra Andrews (A gypsy) Celia Forsberg
Rosa Post (A gypsy) Sue Webb
Carmen James (A gypsy) Sue Grimshaw
Alice Rumble (Corder’s maid) Sue Webb
Pharos Lee (An officer of the law) John Smith
Pianoforte Eric Smith
Violin Eunice McDonald
Stage Manager Robin Watkinson
ASM Michelle Curzon
Choregraphy June Janes
Lighting Sheena Mitchell with
Paul Antonelli
Alan Offer
Properties Lara Massey
Sue Offer
Wardrobe Barbara Laughton
Patricia Barrow