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Measure For Measure


William Shakespeare

Directed by Mike Rogerson

20th - 27th March 2010

Vincentio, the Duke of Vienna, makes it known that he intends to leave the city on a diplomatic mission. He leaves the government in the hands of a strict judge, Angelo. Under the Duke's government, the city's harsh laws against fornication have been laxly enforced, but Angelo, who later reveals himself as a hypocrite, is known to be a hard-liner on matters of sexual immorality.

Claudio, a young nobleman, is betrothed to Juliet; having put off their wedding, he makes her pregnant out of wedlock. For this act of fornication he is punished by Angelo. Although he is willing to marry her, he is sentenced to death. Claudio's friend Lucio visits Claudio's sister Isabella, a postulant nun, and asks her to intercede with Angelo on Claudio's behalf.

Isabella obtains an audience with Angelo, and pleads to him for mercy. Over the course of two scenes between Angelo and Isabella, it becomes clear that he harbours lustful thoughts for her, and he eventually offers her a deal: Angelo will spare Claudio's life if Isabella will yield him her virginity. Isabella refuses, but she also realises that (due to Angelo's austere reputation) she will not be believed if she makes a public accusation against him. Instead she visits her brother in prison, and counsels him to prepare himself for death. Claudio vehemently begs Isabella to save his life, but Isabella refuses.

The Duke has not in fact left the city, but remains there disguised as a friar, in order to spy on his city's affairs, and especially the actions of Angelo. In his guise as a friar he befriends Isabella and arranges two tricks to thwart the evil intentions of Angelo.

Vincentio, the Duke Hamish Lawson
Angelo, Deputy Charlie Cook
Escalus,an ancient Lord Steve Williamson
Claudio, a young gentleman Adam Peerbaccus
Juliet, betrothed to him Rhianne Statom-Barnett
Isabella, sister to Claudio Lottie Tyler
Lucio, a fantastic Richard Ellis
Provost Ian McBride
The Friar Al Fowkes
Elbow, a simple constable Simon Caporn
Froth, a foolish gentleman Geoffrey Martyn
Mistress Overdone, a bawd Diana Boswell
Pompey, her pimp Bill Nolan
Abhorson, an executioner Peter de la Wyche
Barnardine, a drunken prisoner Simon Caporn
Mariana, once engaged to Angelo Tracy Burns
Francisca, a nun Helen Bingle
PC Angus Macalister
WPC Val Watkinson
Whore/Secretary Helen Bingle
Whore/Secretary/Nun Jenny Norris
Thanks to Andrew Savage of Bang and Olufsen in Wilmslow for loan of projection equipment
Thanks also to the Box Office team and all who have contributed to this production in any way
The play was kindly sponsored by:
Espee Design/Chapel Interiors Ltd
A D Lang Butcher, Lindow Parade
Stage Manager Jill Hine
Continuity (book) Christina Theobald
ASM Liz Cook
Wardrobe Pat Barrow
Jacque Bilsborough
Properties Anne Cichocki
Linda Batson
Sound Design and Operator Mark Seyler
Lighting Design and Operator Martin Theobald
Production Design Graham Boswell
Set Construction The Green Room Team
Rehearsal Photographs Chris Hills
House Managers Celia Bonner
Hilary Pinnock
Paul Lewis
Historical Note:
Due to family bereavements, The Duke (originally played by Martin Pritchard) and Elbow (originally played by Bob Stewart) were replaced at very short notice by Hamish Lawson and Simon Caporn respectively.