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Merry Wives of Windsor


William Shakespeare

Directed by Jeremy Cleverley

27th June - 9th July 1977

Open-Air Shakespeare set to the backdrop of Gawsworth Hall.

George Page, a citizen of Windsor Ken Sawyer
Mistress Page, his wife Sheila Hine
Anne Page, their daughter Tina Fitgerald
Frank Ford, another citzen of Windsor David Reynolds
Mistress Ford, his wife Angela Cleverley
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh Parson Ray Austin
Doctor Caius, a French physician,
suitor for the hand of Anne Page
Terry Willis
Mistress Quickly, Doctor Caius' housekeeper Val Eloit
John Rugby, Doctor Caius' manservant Andrew Millward
The Host of the Grater Inn Graham Dickinson
Children of Windsor
Yvonne Jowett, Giles Elliot, Janet Rothwell, Fionnuala Ellwood
Fenton, a young gentleman,
suitor for the hand of Anne Page
Peter de la Wyche
Sir John Falstaff Peter Janes
Robin, Falstaff's Page Debbie Carsborg
Bardolph, follower of Falstaff Tom Cleverley
Pistol, follower of Falstaff Jamie Rigby
Nym, follower of Falstaff Graham Dickenson
Robert Shallow,
a country Justice of the Peace
Peter Thorburn
Abaraham Slender, Shallow's nephew,
suitor for the hand of Anne Page
Mike Bullimore
Peter Simple, Slender's servant Nick Seymour
Stage Manager Peter Burroughs
Prompt Sue Burroughs
Kim Thomson, Jill Bleasdale, Alan Offer, Adele Taylor, Fran Barry,
Kath Kelly, David Wood, Sarah Wood, Joy Hilton, Sheila Lake, Sue Offer, Dee Firth
Lighting The Wilmslow Green Room
Sound Simon Cleverley
Wardrobe Olive Bradbury
Flo Moores
Choreography Dorothy Lloyd
House Manager Colin Read