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The Merry Wives of Windsor


William Shakespeare

Directed by Caroline Melliar-Smith

22nd June - 30th June 1990

Open-Air Shakespeare set to the backdrop of Gawsworth Hall.

Here we have a play of revenge, both comic and satirical, set in Windsor. Many of the chracters are characterisations of well-known Court figures of the time.

Justice Shallow and nephew Slender both from neighbouring Glocestershire come to complain of Sir John Falstaff's poaching activities. A plot is laid between Shallow and parson Evans to marry Slender to Anne page in order to gain access to her inherited wealth.

Anne Page is in love with Fenton, refused as suitor to her by her father because of previous wild and spendthrift activities.

Mistress Page (mother to Anne) and her friend Mistress Ford are sent identical love letters from Falstaff who, now being short of money, hopes to make some monetary gain particularily through Mistress Ford. Both ladies plot their revenge on Falstaff by revealing his plot to the ladies' husbands. Ford rises to the bait, being jealous by nature, and plots to catch his wife and Falstaff together.

Mistress Quickly plots simultaneously on behalf of both wives and also Dr Caius and Fenton who are vying for Ane Page's favours. Caius and Evans vow to revenge the Host because he makes fools of them over a duel fought for Anne page.

A final grand plot aginst Falstaff by all he has offended, results in his final downfall, punched and humiliated by the fairies of Windsor.

Fenton and Anne Page are finally united and Ford and his wife reconciled.

Sir John Falstaff Ken Currah
Fenton, a young gentleman Steve Johnson
Shallow, a country Justice Jeff Lomas
Abaraham Slender, Shallow's kinsman Julian Rawel
Frank Ford, a citizen of Windsor Steve Williamson
George Page, a citizen of Windsor John Chidgey
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh Parson Eric Smith
Doctor Caius, a French physician Norman Whitelam
Host of the Garter Inn Fred Donnan
Bardolph, a follower of Falstaff Geoffrey Martin
Pistol, a follower of Falstaff Mike Rogerson
Nym, a follower of Falstaff Charlie Cook
Robin, Falstaff's Page Richard Adams
Simon Gray
Peter Simple, Slender's servant Simon Donnan
John Rugby, Doctor Caius' manservant Charlie Cook
John, one of Ford's servants Mike Rogerson
Robert, one of Ford's servants Geoffrey Martin
Mistress Ford (Alice), wife of Ford Adele Taylor
Mistress Page (Margaret), wife of Page Christina Howarth
Anne Page, daughter to Page and Mistress Page Helen Bargate
Mistress Quickly, Doctor Caius' servant Clare McGlashan
Servants, Tavern Wenches and Fairies
Julia Burgess, Lesley Beeley, Tamzin Burrows, Samuel Burrow, Kieran Donnan, Val Fentem, Rebecca Fentem, Kate Fentem, Charlotte Duck, Susie Kinsella, Sarah Lawless, Angharrad Palin, Adele McCormack, Graeth MacDonnell, Liz Stokes
Celia Bonner, Diana Boswell, Jilly Burrows, Doreen Donnan, June Janes, Fiona Redclift
Stage Manager Jayne Willmott
Deputy Stage Managers Barbara Wood
Pat Barrett
ASMs Val Fentem
Sue Lee
Costumes created by Charles Alty of Oldham
Wardrobe Mistress Sonia Dykstra
Wardrobe Assistants Sheila Hine
Pat Barrow
Props Alan and Sue Offer
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Sound Graham Boswell
Production Electricians Dave Eady
Olive Bradbury
Choreography and Dance Training Jilly Burrows
Front Cover Jacque Bilsborough
Typesetting Dave Eady
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