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A Midsummer Night's Dream


William Shakespeare

June 29th - July 3rd 2005
Directed by John Chidgey
Assisted by David Reynolds
Shakespeare's most magical production where the lives of the immortals Oberon and Titania cross with mortal lovers in Athens - with a little help from Puck, and a little interference from a group of rehearsing Mechanicals.
(Duke of Athens)
Peter de la Wyche
(Queen of the Amazons)
June Janes
(Master of the Revels)
David Reynolds
(Hermia’s father)
Glenn Poole
The Lovers
Hermia Liz McClory
Lysander Hugh Everett
Demetrius Ian Mairs
Helena Jo Freeman
(King of the Fairies)
Hamish Lawson
(Queen of the Fairies)
Alexandra Johnson
(Robin Goodfellow)
Toby Jones
First Fairy Jane Newman
The Fairies
Peaseblossom Caroline Melliar-Smith
Cobweb Belinda Coghlan
Moth Sheila Hine
Mustartseed Mary Pritchard
The Mechanicals
Peter Quince Mark Jephcott
Nick Bottom
Martin Pritchard
Molly Pistachio Shakespeare Kerr-Gibbons
Francis Flute
Jon Kerr
Tom Snout
Phil Seymour
Geoffrey Martyn
Robin Starveling
Carmel Bird
The Gentles
Lara Wells, Barun Chatterjee, Chris Broadhurst, Kathy Chadwick, Sarah Baker
Stage Manager Jill Damen
ASMs Helen Bingle
Simon Janes
Vi Pope
Continuity Adele Taylor
Lights Robin Watkinson
Sound Val Watkinson
Props Jan Atkinson
Vi Pope
Olive Bradbury
Carole Holmes, Diana Boswell, Jacque Bilsborough, Linda Batson, Pat Barrow, Ryan Johnson
Music Chris McClory
Choreographer June Janes
Wigs Chris Bullimore
Fight arranged by
Stephen Akamo and Liz McClory