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The Militants


Norman Holland

15th - 18th October, 1986
Director: Barbara Williamson

Not until 1918, with the passing of the Franchise Act, did women win the right to vote. The activities of the Suffragettes may seem incogruoous in this day and age, but their underlying dedication and commitment to The Cause, against enormous odds, did certainly help in many instances to turn the tide of popular opinion and ultimately the Government. That their activities should provoke such amusing situations is inevitable, but their sincerity and earnestness should never be in doubt.

Minnie Brown Fennella Fowkes
Nelly Brown Caroline Schofield
Reuben Randall Peter Simpson
Alderman Josih Malin Mike Waterhouse
Richard Ward Steve Williamson
Rachel Randall Caroline Melliar-Smith
PC Thomas Dougan Kenneth Sawyer
Sophie Ormesby Susan Bryant
Vivian Malin Susan Lee
Inspector Nathan Arkwright Terry Hooper
Lilian Malin Eileen Volp
Lady Honoria Cumberleigh Olive Bradbury
Eulalia Powle Christina Dillon
'Captain' Ada Leyland Madeleine Wellings
Suffragettes Members of the Green Room
Stage Manager Alan Offer
Script Assistant Moyra Hampson
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Sound Graham Lawson
Properties Cherrill Wyche
Celia Forsberg
Carole Cockcroft
Wardrobe Barbara Laughton
Diana Boswell
Sheila Chatburn
Set Design Martin Theobald
Staging Crew David Melliar-Smith
Ronnie Dykstra
John Smith
Al Fowkes
Bill Mitchell
Programme Cover Ian Bilsborough
House Manager Sue Jones