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Month Of Sundays


Bob Larbey

Directed by John Foreman

8th - 13th March, 1993

Cooper and Aylott are two elderly gentlemen who are spending their declining years in a rest home in the south of England.

Together they face the challenges posed by the ageing process - the forgetfulness and the physical deterioration.

Aylott Jeff Lomax
Cooper Fred Donnan
Julia Liz Evans
Peter Victor Hassan
Mrs Baker Olive Bradbury
Nurse Wilson Christina Howarth
Stage Manager Sue Jones
ASM / Liason Clare McGlashan
Properties Liz Stokes
Adele Taylor
Wardrobe Caroline Schofield
Sound Simon Donnon
Lighting John Scott
Continuity Val Watkinson
Set Design Jacque Bilsborough
Set Build Trevor Jones
The Green Room would like to acknowledge the support of:
Marion, 2nd Opinion, Alderley Edge
Annette, 2nd Opinion, Handforth
Cooper & Wilson for Make-Up