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The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs Moon


J B Priestley

Directed by Edith Whiteside

October 23rd - 26th, 1963

The action takes place in the living-room of George Kettle's flat in Brickmill, a town in the Midlands, on a wet Monday in November.

George Kettle John Mark
Mrs Twigg, the Housekeeper Audrey Hughes
Monica Twigg, Mrs Twigg's daughter Judy Liebert
Alderman Hardacre George Wilson
Superintendant Street Tom Carr
Delia Moon Muriel Cohen
Henry Moon, her husband Timothy Norfolk
Mr Clinton L P Samuels
Dr Grenock Derek Ward
Stage Manager Thomas Barker
Lighting David Cooper
Sound Graeme Dook
Property Mistress Kathleen Aston
Wardrobe Mistress Joyce Wilkinson
Make-Up Catherine Glancey
Lighting equipment by Strand Electric Co.
Furniture supplied by Gimbert's of Prestwich