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Mr Wonderful


James Robson

3rd - 10th May 2003
Director: Charlie Cook

Bedridden Phoebe Green shares a house with the three loves in her life: her 40+ spinster daughter Norma, Licorice Allsorts, and 'Mr Wonderful', a toy bear. Mother and daughter set about finding Norma's 'Mr Wonderful' by searching the 'Lonely Hearts' ads in the newspaper.

Here she meets Eric Box, a screw-fixated DIY Emporium owner, Lop Wink, a cycling keep-fit enthusiast, and Geoffrey Lazenby, a scholarly retired teacher. A gentle comedy about the promises and pitfalls of the dating arena.

Norma Green Clare Lewis
Phoebe Green Sheila Hine
Geoffrey Lazenby Al Fowkes
Eric Box
Lop Wink
Dave Midgley
Mr Wonderful Roscoe Chalk
Stage Manager Rhiannon Lewis
ASM Margaret Seddon
Prompt Adele Taylor
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Sound Paul Lewis
Properties Liz Cook
Mark Jephcott
Set Design Simon Webber
Nick Capey
Set Construction Simon Webber
Nick Capey
Dave Midgley
Simon Taylor
Debs Taylor
Many thanks to the telephone ladies!