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Move Over Mrs Markham


Ray Cooney and John Chapman

7th - 12th December, 1992

A classic farce - The Markham's flat becomes a scene of total confusion as three couples converge on it, each expecting it to be free for an evening of illicit passion. Add a vague authoress and a stray telephone operator, and stir continuously until it comes to the boil.

Director: Steve Williamson
Linda Colette Fitton
Joanna Jilly Burrows
Sylvie Sarah Roberts
Harriet O'Smythe June Janes
Miss Wilkinson Alexandra Johnson
Philip Al Fowkes
Henry David Reynolds
Alastair Spendlow Charlie Cook
Walter Peter de la Wyche
Stage Manager Liz Stokes
Prompt Adele Taylor
Lighting Alan Stansfield
Sound Steve Carlisle
Properties Olivia Brewster
Sue Offer
Set Graham Boswell
Liason John Foreman