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Much Ado About Nothing


William Shakespeare

Directed by Peter Janes

June 22nd - June 30th, 1979

Open-Air Shakespeare set to the backdrop of Gawsworth Hall.

Two stories entwined. Claudio loves Hero. He is villianously misled into believing her to be a wanton. In church, at their wedding, he denounces her; she faints, is thought dead, but recovers to be proved innocent by a chance discovery made by the local watch. The other story is of Hero's cousin, Beatrice, who thinks herself a confiirmed spinster, and Benedick, who proclaims himself an eternal bachelor. They are tricked into admitting their love for each other.

Leonato,Governor of Messina Kenneth Sawyer
Beatrice, Leonato's neice Val Eliot
Hero, Leonato's daughter Diana Boswell
Messenger Frank McCullogh
Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon Jeremy Cleverley
Benedick of Padua, companion of Don Pedro David Reynolds
Claudio of Florence, companion of Don Pedro Victor Hassan
Don John, Don Pedro's bastard brother Norman Whitelam
Conrade, follower of Don John Robin Lund
Borachio, follower of Don John Paul Davies
Antonio, Leonato's Brother Ray Austin
Margaret, attendant on Hero Clare McGlashan
Ursula, attendant on Hero Adele Taylor
Boy Paul Thompson
Dogberry, Constable in charge of the Watch John Chapman
First Watchman Alan Offer
Second Watchman Frank McCullough
Friar Francis, a priest Paul Davies
Sexton Henry Read
Ladies of the Court of Messina
Olive Bradbury
Frances Johnson
Janet Warren
Anna Shooter
Choreography June Janes
Stage Manager Alan Robinson
ASM Elizabeth Myers
Wardrobe Mistress Judith Davies
Costumes Marion Thomas of Chester
Properties Sue Offer
Gillian Mainprice
Lighting Thea Findlater
Jim Redman
Sound Alan Robinson
Prompt Adele Taylor
Publicity Colin Read
Kenneth Sawyer
House Manager Colin Read
Programe cover designed by Belinda Coghlan