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Much Ado About Nothing


William Shakespeare

Directed by John Chidgey

25th June - 29th June 2002

The action take place in Leonato's house and environs. The play's setting is Messina, but the many detailed references to the garden and the domestic life of an Elizabethan household point inescapably to an English Manor House, like Gawsworth.

Two stories entwined. Claudio loves Hero. He is villianously misled into believing her to be a wanton. In church, at their wedding, he denounces her; she faints, is thought dead, but recovers to be proved innocent by a chance discovery made by the local watch. The other story is of Hero's cousin, Beatrice, who thinks herself a confiirmed spinster, and Benedick, who proclaims himself an eternal bachelor. They are tricked into admitting their love for each other.

The Household
Leonato,Governor of Messina David Reynolds
Antonio, his brother Dave Midgley
Balthasar, a musician Graham Yardley
Friar Francis Mark Jephcott
Boy Toby Jones
Hero, Leonato's daughter Rhiannon Lewis
Margaret, attendant on Hero Clare Lewis
Ursula, attendant on Hero Belinda Coghlan
Beatrice, an orphan, Leonato's neice Jo Freeman
Servants and Gentlefolk
Holly Bayton, Celia Bonner, Charlie Cook, Tom Healey, Sheila Hine,Elizabeth McClory, Clare McGlashan, Jenny Panton, Sophie Rave, Mathew Thistleton, Tom Thistleton, Emma Townley, Simon Webber, Lara Wells, Steve Williamson, Graham Yardley
Robyn Forsythe, Lara Wells
The Visitors
Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon Simon Caporn
Benedick of Padua, companion of Don Pedro Hugh Everett
Claudio of Florence, companion of Don Pedro Ian Mairs
Don John, Don Pedro's bastard brother Richard Frost
Borachio, follower of Don John Paul Lewis
Conrade, follower of Don John Robert Green
Messenger Charlie Cook
The Watch
Dogberry Steve Williamson
Verges Linda Batson
Sexton Graham Yardley
Charlie Cook, Matthew Thistleton, Tom Thistleton
Hedwig Plop
Stage Manager Jill Damen
Prompt Adele Taylor
ASMs Holly Bayntan
Celia Bonner
Anne Cichocki
Sheila Hine
Properties Liz Cook
Lighting Design Robin Watkinson
Sound Val Watkinson
Wardrobe Mistress Clare Lewis
Assistants to Wardrobe Mistress Di Donald
Diana Boswell
Linda Batson
Choreography June Janes
Music compiled by Chris McClory
Text Interpretation Celia Bonner
Val Watkinson
Costumes by
Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford
Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
Mike Shaw, Altrincham Garrick
The game of Quidditch was adapted by Robin Watkinson
The players and the Golden Snitch were created by Jacque Bilsborough