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Murder In The Cathedral



Directed by Jeremy Cleverley

12th - 15th April 1989

T.S.Eliot's gripping tale of the murder of Thomas Beckett, performed in the Parish Church of Wilmslow.

Priests Simon Donnan
Al Fowkes
Peter de la Wyche
Messenger John Chapman
Archbishop Thomas Beckett David Reynolds
4 Tempters (part 1)
4 Knights (part 2)
Eric Smith
John Chidgey
Charlie Cook
Fred Donnan
Attendants Kenneth Sawyer
John Chapman

Chorus of the Women of Canterbury

Olive Bradbury, Angela Cleverley, Val Fentem, Sheila Hine, Clare McGlashan, Caroline Melliar-Smith, Mavis Carlisle, Adele Taylor.
Stage Manager Robin Watkinson
ASM Christina Howarth
Lighting Martin Theobald
Sound Graham Lawson
Wardrobe Jacque Bilsborough
Chorus Direction Christine Byrne
June Janes