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Night Must Fall


Emlyn Williams

Directed by William Keil

October 18th - 21st, 1972

The action takes place in the sitting room of 'Forest Corner', Mrs Bramson's Bungalow in Essex.

The Lord Chief Justice Barrie Wood
Mrs Bramson Val Dyer
Olivia Grayne Carol White
Hubert Laurie Stephen Upton
Nurse Libby Marjorie Mills
Mrs Terence Joan Dearden
Dora Parkoe Margaret Seddon
Inspector Belsize Hugh Anscombe
Dan Ian Christmas
Stage Manager H D Officer
Prompt Sarah Mottram
Lighting Leslie Smith
Sound Vince Chadwick
Properties Adele Taylor
Linda Brown
Wardrobe Joyce Wilkinson
Florence Moores
Make-up Joy Peacocke
House Manager John Haslewood
Furniture by Gimberts