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The Noble Spaniard


W Somerset Maugham

Directed by Greta Donohue

April 14th - 19th, 1986

Lady Proudfoot Sheila Hine
Mr Justice Proudfoot (her husband) Jeremy Cleverley
Marian Nairn (a young widow) Sue Jones
Lucy (her sister) Joanna Chatburn
Mary Jane (a maid) Helen Bryant
Captain Chalford Andrew Long
Count de Morey (a Frenchman) Ronnie Dykstra
Countess de Morey (his English Wife) Angela Cleverley
The Duke of Hermanos (a Spaniard) Bob Prescott
Stage Manager Sonia Hoole
ASM Paul Antonelli
Alan Robinson
Prompt John Smith
Lighting Sheena Mitchell
Sound Trevor Tighe
Wardrobe Frances Squire
Pat Barrow
Properties Sheila Tighe
Trevor Tighe
Publicity Eric Waller
House Manager Sheila Chatburn
Susan Bryant
Set built by Alan Offer and members of the Green Room