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Not Now Darling


Ray Cooney and John Chapman

October 11th - 13th, 1979

The action takes place in the elegant and private fourth floor salon of Bodley, Bodley and Crouch, an exclusive West End firm of Furriers with an esteemed reputation.

Directed by Mike Janes
Arnold Crouch Victor Hassan
Miss Whittington Jill Bleasdale
Miss Tipdale Margaret Seddon
Mrs Frencham Frances Johnson
Gilbert Bodley Ronnie Dykstra
Commander Frencham Graham Dickinson
Harry McMichael Michael Seddon
Janie McMichael Elizabeth Topalian
Sue Lawson Cheryl Hammersley
Maud Bodley Janet Warren
Mr Lawson Peter de la Wych
Stage Manager Alan Robinson
ASM Sue Offer
Alan Offer
Elizabeth Myers
Bernie Rickman
Lighting Jim Redman
Thea Findlater
Prompt Mavis Carlisle
Properties Adele Taylor
Margeret Robinson
House Manager Max Lewis