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The Odd Couple (female version)


Neil Simon

 24th - 31st January 1998

In this hilarious female version of The Odd Couple, Olive Madison, like her original male counterpart, is divorced and living in cheerful chaos in her New York appartment. At Olive's invitation the suicidal Florence Ungar, newly separated from her husband, moves in and is soon finding comfort in cooking, cleaning and fussing, until  Olive is almost reduced to a nervous wreck. It becomes clear that the patterns of their disastrous marriages are already reoccuring.
 Directed by Bill Platt
Olive Madison Adele Taylor
Florence Ungar Janet Slade
Sylvie Chris Hall
Mickey Daphne Kawa
Rene Chris Howarth
Vera Olive Bradbury
Manolo Bill Platt
Jesus Charlie Cook
Stage Manager Liz Cook
Prompt Mavis Carlisle
Lighting Peter Mendham
Sound Al Fowkes
Properties Linda Batson
Diana Boswell
Wardrobe Jan Ash
Set Steve Williamson