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On Monday Next


Philip King

Directed by Barrie Wood

8th - 11th December, 1971

The Drossmouth Repertory Theatre Company are rehearsing for their performance of a new play, 'The Morals of Melisande', which is due to open on Monday next. Unfortunately the play's author turns up to help with the production, help which is not entirely appreciated by the Producer or the rest of the cast...

The Producer Mike Fenton
George Alan Seviour
Maud Barron Adele Taylor
Jerry Winterton Basil Spurgin
The Author John Chapman
Daphne Wray Sue Spurgin
Avis Clare Ann Savill
Jackson Harley Robin Griffin
Manners Richard Holman
Sandra Layton Belinda Mencel
Norwood Beverley Hugh Anscombe
Dumpy Copper
Stage Managed by the Green Room
Lighting and Sound Effects Vincent Powell
Bill Upton
Peter Searle
Wardrobe Ruth Green
Florence Moores
Properties Joy Peacock
Wendy Dalby
Call Boy Hilary Bradbury
Prompt Sue Holman
Make-Up Sue Wood
House Manager W Bowden
Settings designed and executed by The Green Room
Furniture by The Green Room