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Three One Acts

12th - 13th January, 1931

J M Barrie
Sir Harry Sims F S Stancliffe
Lady Sims Olive Marchington
Kate Mrs Williamson
Butler H B Hobbs
Produced by Mrs Gilbert Ashworth
Frederick Fenn and Richard Bryce
Madame Didier Gwladys Bailey
Clem (Mrs) Galloway Winifred Cottrell
Rose Jordan Marjory Eva
Celeste Queenie Eadington
Amanda Afflick Edith Whiteside
Horace Greensmith Ewart Lloyd
Produced by Lily Beving
Alfred Sutro
Harvey Western Richard R Ford
His Honour Judge Banket W M Ford
Martin H B Hobbs
William J Basil Broadbent
Mrs Western K B Bean
Mrs Banket E L Hobbs
Miss Farren G E Stancliffe
Smithers Barbara Turner
Produced by H B Hobbs
Stage Manager A C Mallinson
Assistant Stage Manager C A Beving
Electricians Edward Ross
Dennis Moss
Properties Miss Wilkinson
Miss Allen
Settings by the Stage Staff
Furniture kindly lent by FLITCROFT & SONS LTD and members