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One For The Road


Willy Russell

18th - 23rd April 1994

Dennis, on the eve of his 35th birthday, realises that he is trapped by convention and social climbing - wife, mortgage, not to mention Tupperware parties nad Spanish holidays. In order to escape from this life style he reflects on the past and plans his getaway. Anarchy ensues when he is confronted by his wife and neighbours who also decide to quit the rat race.

Director: Sue Mooney
Dennis Cain Steve Williamson
Pauline Cain Jilly Burrows
Roger Fuller Mike McAdam
Jane Fuller Janet Slade
Stage Manager Peter de la Wyche
Prompt Mavis Carlisle
Lighting Brian Nixon
Sound John Scott
Properties Suzanne Goddard
Caroline Schofield
Set Ray Angold
Liason Claire McGlashan