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Outside Edge


Richard Harris

21st - 26th April 1997

The 'Warford Cricketeers' are preparing for a grudge match against their arch-rivals. Roger, the team Captain, is distracted by the pre-marital and post-marital affairs of his team members. Miriam, his ever-faithful wife, supports him through through thick and thin - until she hears a rumour...

Director: Charlie Cook
Miriam Diana Boswell
Roger Mike Janes
Bob Bill Nolan
Dennis Peter de la Wyche
Maggie Caroline Schofield
Kevin Dave Midgley
Ginnie Suzanne Goddard
Alex Tom Thistleton
Sharon Fiona Booth
Jo Freeman
Stage Manager Liz Cook
Prompt Adele Taylor
ASM Val Watkinson
Nick Capey
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Chris Hills
Sound Peter Mendham
Properties Linda Batson
Margaret Seddon
Wardrobe Linda Batson
Set Design Robin Watkinson
Set Construction Robin Watkinson
Steve Williamson
Graham Boswell
'Soul Limbo' adapted and performed by Ian Parker and Charlie Cook