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A Party For Christmas


N C Hunter

Directed by George E Wilson

December 17th-20th, 1958

Alice Matheson Hilda Keast
Caroline Firbanks Ann Powell
Stephen Firbanks Neil Biggs
Elinor Firbanks Gwenneth Frost
Maid Susan Jones
Michael Firbanks John Davenport
Pamela Sutton Jennifer Bingham
Robert Firbanks Leslie Dalton
Fred Matheson R F Bloor
Anthony Davidson David Vernon
Stage Manager T Barker
Property Mistress Pat Richardson
Lighting Raymond H Cole
Sound Oliver Heggs
Wardrobe Joyce Wilkinson
Make-Up Artiste Catherine Glancey
House Manager C R Charnley
Deputy House Manager N S Pearse
Lighting Equipment by Strand Electric
Furniture supplied by Gimbert's of Prestwich