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Pass The Butler


Eric Idle

28th November - 3rd December 1994
Director: Steve Williamson

What are the circumstances surrounding the death of Lord Charles? The inept Inspector Harris attempts to find out with hilarious results.

Hugo John Wallace
Annabelle Collette Fitton
Nigel Nick Capey
Kitty Linda Batson
Harris Charlie Cook
Butler Dave Midgley
Lady Charles Sheila Hine
Ronnie Jeff Lomax
Slater Terry Hooper
Stage Manager Alex Johnson
Prompt Diana Boswell
Lighting Val Watkinson
Sound Peter Mendhamis
Charlie Cook
Properties Adele Taylor
Clare McGlashan
Set Design Graham Boswell
Set Build Graham Boswell
Robin Watkinson
Nick Capey
Steve Williamson
Liaison Liz Cook
Oscilloscope kindly loaned by Heathfield High School
Paintings displayed on set and in the foyer by L Cox