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The Playboy of the Western World


J M Synge

Directed by Mike Rogerson

6th - 13th April 2019

This classic Irish play from 1907 is a favourite to this day for its drama, wit and whimsy.

Christy Mahon is a young man who enters Flaherty's, a tavern on County Mayo's west coast. He makes an outrageous claim. Despite the villainous nature of the claim, the townsfolk - particularly the women - are enraptured by Christy's storytelling abilities and natural charm.

When it was published, Synge's play became both popular and reviled for its depiction of Irish characters. The lack of a moral voice, and the fact the characters are more occupied and thrilled with the controversy rather than with revulsion saw many protest the play's staging, with riots breaking out at several theatres.

Rehearsal photographs

Christy MahonCharlie Gallagher
Old Mahon, his fatherSteve Williamson
Michael James Flaherty, a publicanMichael Gallagher
Margaret Flaherty, his daughterEilidh Pollard
Shawn Keogh, a young manToby Harris
Widow QuinVictoria Johnson
Philly Cullen, small farmerMark Jephcott
Jimmy Farrell, small farmerEwan Henderson
Sarah TanseyScarlett Dean
Susan BradyClaire O'Rourke
Honor BlakeAlison Fleming
FidlerMeabh Kennedy
Assistant directorLinda Batson
Stage managerHelen Bingle
PromptDiana Boswell
ASMJean Barrett
PropsFenella Fowkes
LightingBruce Williams, Chris Hills
SoundMark Seyler, Helen Fitton
WardrobeCarole Holmes
Special makeup effectJacque Bilsborough
Rehearsal photographsChris Hills
House ManagerShan Bristow, Victor Hassan, Ian McBride
Ticket SecretaryPat Pinnock