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Plaza Suite


Neil Simon

31st March - 2nd April, 1977
Visitor from Mamaroneck
Directed by Joan Dearden
A wealthy middle-aged tycoon having an affair with his charming and efficent secretary. His wife, who understands him all too well, fights hard to keep their marriage on the rocks.
Karen Nash Clare McGlashan
Sam Nash Jeremy Cleverley
Waitress Janet Stavely-Dick
Jean McCormack Elizabeth Topalian
Visitor from Hollywood
Directed by Barrie Wood
This delicate piece brings out the humour, the poignancy, and even the pathos of a reunion of young lovers after a long interval.
Waitress Janet Stavely-Dick
Jesse Kiplinger Peter Burroughs
Muriel Tate Sue Burroughs
Visitor from Forest Hills
Directed by Val Elliott
"You work and you dream and you hope and you save your whole life for this day and in one click of a door suddenly everything crumbles"
Norma Hubley Angela Cleverley
Roy Hubley John Chapman
Borden Eisler Peter de la Wych
Mimsey Hubley Tina Fitzjerald
Stage Manager Kim Thompson
Prompt Doreen Johnson
Lighting Peter de la Wych
Sound The Green Room
Properties Olive Bradbury
Pauline Brealand
House Manager Mike Seddon