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Puss In Boots


Rae Terence

??? December 1982
Director: Irene Rostron

A classic pantomime, this production was a co-presentation with the Wilmslow Guild Players.

Griswald Barry Philips
Blotch Peter Simpson
Fairy Moonbeam Caroline Melliar-Smith
Widow Nellie Trump Bob Chaloner
Bugle Boy Larry Waller
Hal Sarah Hannam
Princess Aurora Jill Bleasdale
Chancellor Egbert Bentley Fursland
Harum Valerie Elliot
Scarum Valerie Fentem
Puss In Boots Cheryl Hammerslay
King Tut Ronnie Dykstra
Caroline Schofield, Virgina Craven, Kay Connell, Caroline Smith, Fenella Mason
Sue Downes, Mandy Cheetham, Fiona Laing, Vicky Maxsted, Emma King, Leanne Richards
Simon Donnan, Clare Melliar-Smith, Huw Melliar-Smith
Stage Manager Tony Richards
Choreographer Anne Kennedy
Musical Director Mavis Carlisle
Piano Eric Smith
Drums Pat Carlisle
Lighting David Melliar-Smith
Costumes Janet Waters
Sound Alison Tyrer
Special Effects Malcolm Tyrer
Properties Jean Richards
Prompt Mavis Carlisle
Set Design Consultant Jonathan Smith
Set constructed and painted by:
Jane Brown, David Melliar-Smith, Sue Offer, Barry Philips, Jean and Tony Richards, John Smith, Alison and Malcolm Tyrer, Margaret and Eric Waller, Louise Watson
Backstage Crew:
Chris Richards, Edward Pantling, Victor Hassan