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Bernard Shaw

16th - 23rd October 1999
Director: Jeremy Cleverley
George Bernard Shaw's wonderful production of a Cockney girl's metamorphosis into a lady under the tutorage of Professor Higgins. Its combination of ideas and social comment, together with its rich comic characterization, make it one the most enduring and entertaining of English comedies.
Clara Eynsford-Hill Jill Stringer
Mrs Eynsford-Hill Linda Batson
A Bystander Bill Nolan
Freddy Eynsford-Hill Simon Caporn
Eliza Doolittle Jo Freeman
Colonel Pickering John Wallace
Henry Higgins David Reynolds
A Sarcastic Bystander Geoffrey Martyn
Mrs Pearce Val Watkinson
Alfred Doolittle Tony Axford
Mrs Higgins Celia Bonner
Parlourmaid Claire Gillepsie
Stage Manager Emma Charnley
ASM Jan Ash
Colette Fitton
Tracy Burns
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Sound Jacque Bilsborough
Wardrobe Olive Bradbury
Claire McGlashan
Linda Batson
Design Consultant Steve Williamson
Set Construction Jim Bond
Bill Nolan
Tracy Burns
Prompt Adele Taylor
Dialect Coach Celia Bonner