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The Real Inspector Hound


Tom Stoppard

Directed by Clare Lewis

6th - 13th October, 2007

Near mysterious Muldoon Manor, surrounded by treacherous marshes and swirling fog, a murderous madman is on the loose. The famous Inspector Hound is battling through the fog and the bog to save the day!

But all is not well in the house of Muldoon. Who is Simon Gascoyne, and what has he been up to with both the lovely Cynthia and the delightful Felicity? What led to the disappearance of Lord Muldoon ten years before? Why has Magnus, his wheel-chair-bound half-brother, turned up out of the blue from Canada? And is there more to Mrs Drudge than background plot exposition?

Birdboot and Moon, critics from rival papers, take their complimentary seats to review this creaky murder mystery. Birdboot uses his job as an opportunity to 'make' young actresses fresh from the provinces, and Moon is sick of playing second-string to Higgs, his paper's senior critic. Between lines of dialogue from the stage, they share their professional critiques and their musings on life, love, and thwarted ambition.

But at Muldoon Manor - nothing is what it seems, and our critics get more out of the play than they expected.

Stoppard has said that his plays 'mean pretty much what the audience thinks they mean' and there's a lot of scope in this one for alternative interpretations on many different levels.

Moon Simon Caporn
Birdboot Dave Midgley
Mrs. Drudge June Janes
Radio Announcer Charlie Cook
Simon Gascoyne Imran Ahmed
Felicity Cunningham Jennifer Atherton
Lady Cynthia Muldoon Jill Stringer
Major Magnus Muldoon Leslie Hattersley
Inspector Hound Mark Jephcott
The Body Paul Lewis
Geoffrey Martin
Steve Williamson
Stage Management Valerie Watkinson
Colette Fitton
Adele Taylor
Chris McClory
Wardrobe Pat Barrow
Properties Vi Pope
Christine Gerzon
Sound Helen Fitton
Lighting Bruce Williams
Prompt Sheila Hine
Set Mike Rhodes
Paul Lewis
and Crew
The show was kindly sponsored by
SC and P Jones, Plumbers and Builders Merchants
91 Chapel Lane, Wilmslow