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Relative Values


Noel Coward

Directed by Greta Donahue

13th - 15th April, 1978

Set in the library of Marshwood House, East Kent, during early July.

Crestwell, the Butler John Chapman
Alice, the house maid Marion Hannah
Mrs Dora Moxton (Moxie) Angela Cleverley
Felicity, Countess of Marshwood Dilys Mason
Lady Cynthia Hayling Olive Bradbury
The Honourable Peter Ingleton,
Felicity's nephew
Kenneth Sawyer
Admiral Sir John Hayling Basil Garratt
Nigel, Earl of Marshwood Victor Hassan
Miranda Frayle Roslyn Heywood
Don Lucas Dick Salem
Stage Manager Alan Robinson
ASM Sue Offer
Prompt Adele Taylor
Lighting Thea Findlater
Jim Redman
Properties Fran Berry
Sheila Lake
Wardrobe Olive Bradbury
House Manager Clair McGlashan
Peter Janes