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Relatively Speaking


Alan Ayckbourn

29th April - 7th May 2006

Director: Clare Lewis
Assisted by Gemma Langford

One of the first Alan Ayckbourn plays, this has endured to bring pleasure to countless audiences for over 20 years.

It all begins (and ends) with a pair of size ten slippers. Greg wakes up in the bed of girlfriend Ginny to find another man's footwear at his feet and, much as he loves her after only a week or two, he cannot help being a bit suspicious.

Bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and a dodgy phone call, only serve to make matters worse; but he still asks her to marry him before she sets off to spend the day with her parents. Greg decided to travel to an address in Buckinghamshire, which he finds in the flat, where he will surprise both Ginny and her doting mum and dad. But it is he who is surprised...

Greg Ed Barry
Ginny Tracy Clapham
Philip Dave Midgley
Sheila Linda Batson
Stage Manager Tom Thistleton
ASMs Paul Lewis
Gemma Langford
Continuity Margaret Seddon
Lighting Bruce Williams
Sound Helen Fitton
Properties Fenella Fowkes
Set Construction Mike Rhodes
House Managers Chris Hills
Rhiannon Lewis
Graphic Design by MacDrive
Many thanks to Ric Cane of Fox Staging for the rostra supplied
The play was sponsored by:
Jacky Freeman
Artist and Hair by Marion