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Ring Round The Moon


Jean Anouilh,
adapted by Christopher Fry

Directed by Mabel Evans

February 18th-21st, 1959

Joshua, a crumbling butler Arthur Muir
Hugo, a young man about town
Frederic, his brother, in love with...
Peter Frost
Diana Messerschmann, engaged to Frederick,
secretly in love with Hugo
Biddy Williams
Lady India, Messerschmann mistress,
secretly in love with...
Elizabeth Bannerman
Patrice Bombelles,
Messerschmann's secretive secretary
Anthony J Peck
Madame Desmermortes,
Aunt to Hugo, Frederick, and Lady India
Margaret Savaage
Capulet, her faded companion Winifred Jordan
Messerschmann, Diana's father,
a melancholy millionaire
L P Samuels
Romainville, a lepidopterist, patron of... J Hague
Isabelle, a ballet dancer Pat Wallworth
Her mother, a teacher of the pianoforte Edith Whiteside
A General H S Pritchard
Footman Roger Buckley
Stage Manager Donald Pearse
Property Mistress Margaret Muir
Lighting Raymond H Cole
Sound David Vernon
Wardrobe Elsie Pritchard
Make-Up Artiste Catherine Glancey
House Manager C R Charnley
Deputy House Manager N S Pearse
Lighting Equipment by Strand Electric
Furniture supplied by Gimbert's of Prestwich