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Ring Round the Moon


Jean Anouilh

Adapted by Christopher Fry

Directed by Frank Savaage

21 - 24 October, 1970

A Charade with music.

Jean Anouilh’s Ring Around the Moon first appeared in France in 1947 as L’Invitation au Chateau. Especially important in Anouilh’s career, the play is the earliest of his pieces brillantes, a rather mixed group of four works moving from two lighter to two darker pieces. Brilliantes has been employed to describe the polished and sophisticated gemlike quality of this group, most prominently displayed in Ring Around the Moon’s complex plotting, ceaseless obstacles, and still—after all—the reconciliation of almost all of its characters to both love and wealth.

Ring Round the Moon was, in 1950, the first of Anouilh's plays to be successful on the London stage, due largely to the inspired adaption and translation by Christopher Fry.

Fry had difficulty in finding a sub-title which would help an English audience to understand what sort of play to expect. A comedy? A farce? Each had wrong connotations. Then Fry found an answer - call it "A Charade with Music" he suggested. He must have had in mind the charming music specially composed by Richard Addinsell, of which we have been most fortunate in being able to hire recordings.

In our production of what we regard as a very fine play we have aimed to preserve the light-hearted atmosphere of a delicate French bauble with its scenes of high comedy and sentiment in which gentle satire is never far from the surface.

Joshua Tom Carr
Hugo Malcolm Savill
Frederic Malcolm Savill
Diana Messerschmann Sue Holman
Lady India Barbara Fowler
Patrice Bombelles Anthony Peck
Madame Desmortes Margaret Savaage
Capulet Dilys Mason
Messerschmann Paul Potter
Romainville David Reynolds
Isabelle Jenny Smith
Isabelle's mother Judith Drake
A General Richard Holman
Footmen Alan Abbott, Glyn Matthews
A Guest John Anderson
Stage Manager John Frith
Assistant Stage Manager Ron Manwell
Lighting and Sound Effects William R Upton, Philip Charnley, Paul Kelly
Properties Kathleen Aston, Beryl Frith, Adele Taylor
Wardrobe Kay Mottram, Florence Moores
Make-up Anne Butterworth
Prompt Sara Roberts
Dance Arrangement Enid Owen
Set Design Susan L N Wood
House Manager W Bowden
Furniture provided by Gimberts of Manchester
Lighting equipment by Strand Electric