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The Rivals


Brinsley Sheridan

Directed by Greta Donahue

April 1980

Brinsley Sheridan's 200-year old comedy of manners.

Mrs Malatrop Shirley Reynolds
Captain Absolute Robert Prescott
Faulkland Victor Hassan
Lydia Languish June Janes
Julia Diana Boswell
Sir Anthony Absolute Jeremy Cleverley
Acres Kenneth Sawyer
Sir Lucius O'Trigger Mike Janes
Fag Peter Simpson
David Bentley Fursland
Lucy Marion Hannah
Maids Sandra Spriggs
Clare Hart
Servants Richard Hammond
Paul Thompson
Stage Manager Adele Taylor
ASM Sue Offer
Prompt Sheila Hine
Lighting Jack Watkinson
Ronnie Dykstra
Sound Alan Offer
Properties Joan Sawyer
Wardrobe Jennie Dykstra
Olive Bradbury
House Managers Clare McGlashan
Eric Johnson