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The Rivals


Richard Sheridan

26th April - 5th May 2001
Director: Mary Pritchard

Although first staged over 225 years ago, The Rivals has been one of the most frequently performed plays of the 18th Century, and continues to captivate audiences with its joyous, exuberant energy and a story line worthy of a Whitehall farce.

Lydia Languish yearns for a romantic elopement rather than a more convential marriage. Thus the wealthy Jack Absolute has wooed her in the guise of impecunious Ensign Beverley. Mrs Malaprop, Lydia's aunt and guardian, disapproves of the attachment, and has forbidden her neice to see this penniless suitor.

As the title suggests, there are other rivals trying to win Lydia's hand; namely Acres, a less-than-fashionable country squire, and Sir Lucius O'Trigger, a fortune-hunting Irish baronet.

The plot is further complicated by Mrs Malaprop's own amorous designs on Sir Lucius.

Sir Anthony Absolute
A baronet
Jeremy Cleverley
Captain Jack Absolute
His son
Simon Taylor
Lydia Languish
In love with Beverly
Alexandra Johnson
Mrs. Malaprop
Aunt to Lydia, masquerading as Delia
Adele Taylor
In love with Julia
John Keen
Bob Acres
A country squire, pursuing Lydia
Martin Pritchard
Sir Lucius O'Trigger
Friend to Acres, pursuing Delia
John Wallace
Julia Melville
Lydia's cousin, in love with Faulkland
Deborah Taylor
Lydia's maid
Clare Lewis
Captain Absolute's servant
Al Fowkes
Acres' servant
Paul Lewis
Servants Ben Tarbard
Ian Moffitt
Sarah Powell
Christine Singer
Stage Manager Jim Bond
ASMs Sarah Powell
Ian Moffitt
Dan Snape
Prompt Sheila Hine
Lighting Design Jennifer Panton
Paul Lewis
Sound Rhiannon Lewis
Wardrobe Clare Lewis
Linda Batson
Wigs Chris Bullimore
Properties Colette Fitton
Christine Singer
Set Design Simon Webber
Set Construction
Jim Bond, Nick Capey, Ronnie Dykstra, Ian Mairs, Simon Webber, Diana Boswell, Mike Rhodes