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Romeo and Juliet


William Shakespeare

Directed by Peter Janes

24th June - 3rd July, 1981
Escalus, Prince of Verona Norman Whitelam
Mercutio, Kinsman of the Prince and friend of Romeo David Reynolds
Paris, Kinsman of the Prince and suitor of Juliet Terry Hooper
Page to Count Paris Terry Hooper
Montague, Head of a Veronese family Kenneth Sawyer
Lady Montague Sheila Chatburn
Romeo, son of Montague William Watkins
Benvolio, friend to Romeo and Mercutio Peter de la Wyche
Abraham, servant to Montague John Smith
Balthasar, servant to Montague Paul Thomson
Capulet, Head of a Veronese family Jeremy Cleverley
Lady Capulet Clare McGlashan
Juliet, daughter of Capulet Sarah Wood
Tybalt, nephew of Lady Capulet Victor Hassan
Nurse, Juliet's foster mother Sheila Hine
Peter, a servant of Capulet Frank McCullough
Sampson, of the Capulet Household Alan Offer
Gregory, of the Capulet Household Neil Myerson
Page to Capulet Rupert Richards
Friar Lawrence, a Franciscan John Chapman
Friar John, a Franciscan Alan Offer
An Apothecary of of Mantua Kenneth Sawyer
Chorus Norman Whitelam

Citizens, Servants, Members of the Watch

Philip Bradury, Doreen Donnan, David Foley, Susan Jones, Trevor Jones, Sheila Lake, Roger Latham, Norman Morgan, Eve Nye, Kate Percival, Louise Sawyer, Anna Shooter, John Smith, Steve Smith, Susan Wood
Choreography June Janes
Stage Manager Sheila Bird
Wardrobe Mistress Sheila Hine
assisted by the Wilmslow Green Room
Properties Sue Offer
Sound Trevor Tighe
Lighting Jack Watkinson
Prompt Adele Taylor
Continuity Andrew Malliphant
Publicity Kenneth Sawyer
Colin Read
Ticket Secretary Doreen Johnson
House Manager Colin Read
Front cover designed by Susan L. N. Wood