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The Rumour


C K Munro

Produced by Perry Corry

22nd - 25th March, 1933

A satirical view of English Empirism.

The Hare is Started
Luke H P Hobbs
Kitty Muriel Brooks
Walter R F Craighead
Ned Harry Smedley
Ruby Margery Eva
The Hounds In Full Cry
Charles Lennard H Gent
Hon Algernon Moodie T C Sanders
La Rubia W H Williamson
The Man In The Street Buys His Opinion
Newsboy Anthony Ashton
Jones, A City Clerk E N Oughtred
Smith, A City Clerk J B Higgins
Przimians - Pro Patria
Jackson, British workman in Przimia A B Mallinson
Aramya, in charge of the Bar Joan O'Hanlon
Konchak, Przimia workman Gordon Whittaker
Kaprikan, Przimia workman T G Whittaker
Pooshin, Przimia workman J Basil Broadbent
Laminok, Przimia workman Norman B Broadbent
Burastok, Przimia workman J B Higgins
Cheekram, Przimia workman A G Birkett
Paro, Lorian workman F M Eaton
Lena Jackson, Jackson's Daughter Sheila Wood
Low Tactics in High Finance
Ned Harry Smedley
Secretary M Betty Higgins
Loirians - Pro PAtria
Lorian Priest A G Birkett
Deanne, British Free-lance Missionary William Oughtred
Torino, Lorian Leader Percy Corry
Ranskaya, Lorian Woman Lily Beving
Old Soresti, Kata Soresti's father W M Ford
Lena Jackson Sheila Wood
Paro F M Eaton
So Are They All Honourable Men
Rt Hon George Overton PC, MP F S Stanciffe
Chancellor of The Exchequer Percy Corry
Private Secretary to the PM Gordon Whitaker
Sir Arthur Cheston, Member of Deputation of Business Men A G Birkett
Sir George Darnell, Member of Deputation of Business Men Harry Smedley
Sir Robert Darnell, Member of Deputation of Business Men R F Craighead
Deane William Oughtred
Grange, Leader of Labour Deputation J Basil Broadbent
Peace - Perfect Peace
M Raffanel, representative of France W M Ford
General Moberley, commanding British Troops in Przimia D G Edwards
Stage Director A B Mallinson
Assistant Stage Director C A Beving
J R H Clayton
D Moss
Miss Moss
Miss Stancliffe
Electrician A C Mallinson
Assistant Electrician K Potter
E Ross
Property Mistress Mrs Brown
Assistant Property Mistress Miss Boon
Miss Dean
Miss E Sutcliffe
Scenery designed by A C Mallinson and constructed by members of the Stage Committee
Costumes and Wigs by Messrs Burkinshaw and Sons, Liverpool
The chant in Act 2 Scene 1 specially composed for the Rochdale Curtain Theatre's performance of The Rumour and kindly lent tot the Society
The Radio-Gramaphone used during the performance kindly lent and operated by
Messrs G W Smith and Co Ltd, Stockport and Wilmslow
The steamer-siren effects produced by kind assistance of R Jenkins
Our thanks are due to Mrs J R H Clayton, Miss M Ward and Miss J Hulse for the Incidental Music
Also to Wallace Arden and A C Mallinson for the posters advertising the production
And to Kenneth Potter for his valuable assistance with the lighting
We also express our gratitude to Miss Forrest Hewit, Hoin Sec League of Nations Union, Wilmslow, for valuable help in various ways
The chocolates etc on sale during the evenig supplied by The Turret, Wilmlsow and other well-known Makers.