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Season's Greetings


Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Jan Atkinson and Steve Williamson

1st - 8th December, 2007

Seasons Greetings is a perverse comedy, with underlying poignant explorations of the tensions, neuroses and obsessions of the Bunker household at Christmas. We follow Clive's disastrous experiences, as he stumbles from crisis to crisis. He is caught in the midst of Bernard's hopeless puppet show, Eddie and Pattie's declining marriage, and Phyllis's alcohol induced confusion!

Seasons Greetings embraces a range of emotions: success and failure, jealousy and self-deception, lust and greed - through which we see Ayckbourn treading the narrow divide between comedy and tragedy in his attempts to preserve a balance... We hope you enjoy the show!

Neville Geoff Bird
Belinda Jane Newman
Phyllis Diana Boswell
Harvey Fred Yeomans
Bernard Al Fowkes
Rachel Rachel Lesley
Eddie Paul Lewis
Pattie Jennifer Atherton
Clive Imran Ahmed
Stage Manager Helen Bingle
Wardrobe June Janes
Properties Christina Theobald
Jill Ollerenshaw
Jo Freeman
Caroline Lucas
Sound Recording Abi Atkinson
Sound Operator Peter Gerzon
Lighting Martin Theobald
Prompt Linda Batson
Set Construction Dave Atkinson
Set / Scenery Painting Ronnie Dykstra
and crew
Front Of House Managers Anne Cichocki
Jonathan Leslie
Peter de la Wyche