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Seven Set Sail


Eve Morganti

Directed by Leslie Dalton

February 21st-24th, 1962

'Seven Set Sail' tells of a journey, an unusual journey, and one that takes the travellers from Earth, through the various stages of transition to the Heavenly Regions.

The Guide Kenneth Frost
Hetepa, a Woman of Substance Mabel Evans
Pasar, a Scribe L P Samuels
Senshuet, a Woman of the Town Pat Wallworth
Nesamon, a Young Man of Pleasure Ean Adams
Mertisen, an Agricultural Slave Ronald Thompson
Salatis, a Soldier Cecil A Grinham
Kuscha, a Young Girl Linda Laird
Senmut, a Young Man Roger Buckley
Hakai, a Young Lover John H Davenport
Stage Manager Thomas Barker
Property Mistress Kathleen Aston
Lighting Anthony Whitworth
Sound David Short
Wardrobe Joyce Wilkinson
Make-Up Artiste Catherine Glancey
House Manager E H G Ogg
original costumes supplied by Eve Morganti