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She Stoops To Conquer


Oliver Goldsmith

??? October 1982
Director: Sonia Hoole

This story centers on Charles Marlow and George Hasting's attempts to court Kate Hardcastle and Constance Neville, and how a practical joke played by Kate's stepbrother results in cases of mistaken identity, and many acts of blatant greed, selfishness and plain stupidity that almost ruin two pending marriages.

Miss Hardcastle Sheila Hine
Mr Hardcastle Peter Janes
Tony Lumpkin, his stepson Bob Chaloner
Kate Hardcastle Anne Kennedy
Constance Neville, Kate's cousin Jill Bleasdale
Landlord Alan Kenny
Marlow Fred Donnan
Hastings Andrew Maliphant
Digory, servant to Mr Hardcastle Graham Boswell
Roger, servant to Mr Hardcastle John Smith
Sir Charle Marlow, Marlow's Father Bentley Fursland
First Maid Penny Chatburn
Second Maid Georgina Thomas
Jeremy Peter Simpson
Stage Manager Sheila Bird
ASMs Sue Jones
Adele Taylor
Lighting Geoff Gornall
Staging Alan Offer
Properties loaned by Margaret Savaage
Sheila Hine
Publicity Neil Myerson
Ticket Secretary Doreen Johnson
House Manager Sheila Chatburn
Choreography June Janes
Front cover designed by Anna Shooter
Set designed and painted by Margaret Norris