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The Sleeping Prince


Terence Rattigan

Directed by William Keil

15th - 18th February, 1967
Champagne Gala Performance, Friday 17th February

Mary Morgan, a deceptively dizzy American chorus girl, catches the eye of Charles, prince regent of Carpathia. The prince arranges for her to attend an "intimate supper" at his hotel suite. Though she successfully wards off Charles' advances, she drinks too much bubbly and ends up falling asleep. Comes the dawn, and Prince Charles is anxious to show the awkward her the door. She, however, has fallen in love with the prince, and sticks around long enough to upset a plan to overthrow the Carpathian throne, and to patch up a feud between Charles and his son Nicholas.

First Footman Denis Higgins
Second Footman Micahel Fenton
Peter David Reynolds
Mary Anne Bond
The Major-Domo Michael Seddon
The Butler Peter Rickitt
The Regent Peter Frost
Nicolas Jonathan Cawley
The Grand Duchess Winifred Jordan
The Countess Rosemary Haughton
The Baroness Belinda Mencel
The Archduchess Margaret Savaage
Louisa Sara Mottram
Stage Manager for the Green Room Harry Officer
Stage Manager for the Rex Theatre W A D Riley
Sound Effects Michael Combridge
Lighting for the Rex J M Scott
H Marsh
Wardrobe Elsa Pritchard
Zita Reynolds
Properties Kathleen Aston
Prompt Sue Spurgin
Make-Up Catherine Glancey
House Managers R W G Roberts
K C G Frost
Set designed and executed by Maximes Studio
Furniture provided by Gimberts of Manchester
Our grateful thanks to the GPO for the loan of the telephone