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The Sorcerer


Gilbert and Sullivan

Produced by Harry Yates

9th - 13th April, 1929

This was produced in conjunction with Trial By Jury.

The Sorcerer is a two-act comic opera, with a libretto by W. S. Gilbert and music by Arthur Sullivan. It was the British duo's third operatic collaboration. The plot of The Sorcerer is based on a Christmas story, An Elixir of Love, that Gilbert wrote for The Graphic magazine. A young man, Alexis, is obsessed with idea of love levelling all ranks and social distinctions. To promote his beliefs, he invites the proprietor of J. W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers, to brew a love potion. This causes everyone in the village to fall in love with the first person they see and results in the pairing of comically mismatched couples. In the end, Wells must sacrifice himself to break the spell.

Sir Marmaduke Poindextre (an elderley baronet) Arthur Smithies
Alexis (of the Grenadier Guards, his son) Arthur Wilkes
Dr Daly (Vicar of Ploverleigh) Harry Yates
Notary F W Blease
John Wellington Wells
(of J Wells and Co, Family Scorcerers)
H Howard Hobson
Lady Sagazure (A Lady of Ancient Lineage) Hilda Livsey
Aline (her Daughter, betrothed to Alexis) Dorothy I Marshall
Mrs Partlet (a Pew Opener) Edith Clarke
Constance (her Daughter) Kathleen M Gibson
May Allen, Olive Allen, Gwladys Bailey, Elsie Boon, Ivy Bray, Isabel Broadbent, Norah Cartwright, Lilian H Dewhirst, Mary Dronsfield, Queenie Eadington, Alice Milton, Margot Osborn, Kathleen Ousey, Helen B Phillips, Gladys Price, Muriel M Price, Dorothy Smethurst, Edith M Smithies, Florence V Wharton, Annie Whitehead, G Muriel Whitehead,
Geoffrey R Allen, Norman B Broadbent, Richard Chadwick, S W Dronsfield, A W Eva, Roy L Farrington, Harry P Griffiths, Gilbert Horrocks, John M Horrocks, A B Mallinson, Archibald Marshall, Fred J Milton, John Shore, Leslie Wharton
Hon Accompanist Mrs Blease
Hon Stage Manager J R Whitaker
Hon Assistant Stage Manager J R H Clayton
Hon Electricians J B Dean
A C Mallinson
Hon Property Mistress Mrs C H Nickson
Hon Property Masters A W Eva
H B Hobbs
Hon Wardrobe Mistresses Mrs Eva
Mrs Harcombe
Hon Sec and Business Manager T G Whitaker
Musical Director Mr Lee Thistlewaite
Leader Mrs Camden
First Violins Mr V G Hill
Miss V Simpson
Mr O Milburn
Second Violins Mrs B Bythell
Miss G Walsh
Miss M Milnes
Viola Mr P Godlee
Mr A G Haworth
Mr D Milburn
Cello Mrs Scott
Mrs T Clayton
Dr Blythell
Bass Mr Howarth
Flute Mr Seville
Oboe Mr Wandsworth
Clarinet Miss Ballingall
Bassoon Mr Johnson
Trumpet Mr Wild
Trombone Mr Old
Drums Mr Ball
Scenery by FITUPS, Ferdinand Stret, Oldham Road, Manchester
Costumes by S B WATTS & CO, 70 Canon Street, Manchester