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Spring At Marino


Constance Cox

Produced by Mabel Evans

17th - 24th February, 1954

A translation 'suggested by' as opposed to adopted from Ivan Turgenev's novel, 'Fathers and Sons'.

Nicholai Petrovitch Kirsanov Justus Landquist
Anna Sergievna (Madame Odintsov) Iris Parnell
Paul Petrovitch (Nicholai's Brother) R F A Mallinson
Thenichka (Nicholai's Housekeeper) Sheila Hine
Katia Sergievna (Anna's Sister) Gillian Middleton
Prokovitch (Nicholai's Servant) W M Mair
Arkady (Nicholai's Son) John P Morgan
Eugene Bazarov (Friend of Arkady) John Mark
Stage Manager Donald Pearse
Lighting John Guinan
Property Mistress Gyng Saunders
Wardrobe Mistress Clelia Dixon
Make Up Artiste Catherine Glancey
Set Design and execution The Green Room
House Manager N S Pearse
Deputy House Manager J W Stevenson
Interval Music Kathleen McGhie
Joan Willcock
Laurence Povall
Lighting equipment by The Green Room
Furniture supplied by GIMBERT'S OF PRESTWICH
Chocolates for sale duirng the intervals supplied by