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(or The Imposter)


adapted by Ranjit Bolt

10th - 17th March 2007

Director: Celia Bonner

Orgon's house-guest Tartuffe appears to spend a lot of time in pious pursuits and denouncing improper behavoiour but is in fact a con-man. So successful is he that he looks set to drive away the son, marry the daughter, seduce the wife and ruin his host. Chaos follows in Moliere's classic satirical comedy.

Orgon, a gentleman Mike Bullimore
Elmire, his wife Ruth O'Hara
Mariane, his daughter Rhiannon Lewis
Damis, his son Toby Jones
Dorine, their maid Diana Boswell
Mme Pernelle, his mother Olive Bradbury
Flipote, Mme Pernelle's maid Sheila Hine
Cleante, Elmire's brother Richard Frost
Valere, betrothed to Mariane Rick Price
Tartuffe, a religious fraud Al Fowkes
Laurent, his acolyte Barun Chaterjee
Monsieur Loyal, a bailiff Geoffrey Martyn
King's Officer David Reynolds
Assistant Director Adele Taylor
Stage Manager Helen Bingle
ASMs Jill Ollerenshaw
Adele Taylor
Lighting Bruce Williams
Sound Jan Atkinson
Set Design Graham Boswell
Jacque Bilsborough
Set Construction Steve Williamson
Peter Gerzon
Ronnie Dykstra
House Managers Colette Fitton
Leslie Hattersley