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The Tempest


William Shakespeare

Directed by Mike Rogerson

19th June - 28th June 1997

Shakespeare set to the backdrop of Gawsworth Hall.

From the Civilised World
Alonso, King of Naples Geoff Hinde
Sebastian, his brother Mark Jephcott
Antonio, Prospero's brother David Reynolds
Ferdinand, son of the King Of Naples Ian Lingard
Gonzolo, a councillor John Chidgey
Francisco, a Lord Charlie Cook
Trinculo, a jester Tony Axford
Stephano, a drunk butler Dave Midgley
Master of the Ship Peter de la Wyche
Boatswain Nick Capey
From the Uncivilised World
Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan Tim Hodgson
Miranda, his daughter Rachel Volp
Ariel, a free spirit Joan McGee
Caliban, a deformed slave John Wallace
Iris Sue Mooney
Ceres Linda Batson
Juno Alexandra Johnson
Diana Boswell
Ariel's Spirits Katherine Thirsk
Janine Clegg
Susie Moulton
Kathryn Wolstenholme
The Island People
Flute/Clarinet/Sax Bill Glasgow
Bass Robert Turner
Guitar Paul Williams
Percussion Andrew Bold
Tim Franks
Musical Director Chris Hall
Choreography Vanessa Wolstenholme
Stage Manager Val Watkinson
Prompt Adele Taylor
ASM Liz Cook
Emma Charnley
Jan Ash
Mavis Carlisle
Christina Howarth
Peter Mendham
Lighting Steve Williamson
Sound Robin Watkinson
Follow Spots Tom Thistleton
Dave Henderson
Properties Alan & Sue Offer
Jill Damen
Wardrobe Clare McGlashan
Daphne Kawa
Sonia Dykstra
Logistics Graham Boswell