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The Hound of the Baskervilles


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

adapted by

Steven Canny and John Nicholson

20th to 27th May 2023

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most celebrated Sherlock Holmes story gets a gloriously funny makeover.

When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead on his estate, with a look of terror still etched on his face, and the paw prints of a gigantic hound beside his body, the great detective Sherlock Holmes is summoned from Baker Street, with Dr Watson in tow, to unravel the mysteries surrounding his death, and investigate the ancient curse of the Hound of the Baskervilles…

Once you’ve managed to stop laughing this is a Hound that you will never forget. It’s absolutely barking!

This production is suitable for children aged 11 years and over.

Rehearsal photographs

Sherlock Holmes & other partsCharlie Cook
Sir Henry Baskerville & other partsCarys Jones
Dr Watson & other partsLorna Kong
DirectorJohn Chidgey
Stage ManagerHelen Bingle
PromptBelinda Coghlan
PropsBelinda Coghlan
ASMsChristine Unwin, Victoria Johnson
LightingBruce Williams
SoundJohn Coghlan, Mark Seyler
WardrobeLinda Batson, Val Middleton-Egan
Dummy ConstructionJacque Bilsborough
Rehearsal photographsChris Hills
Ticket SecretaryDenise Soussi
Guest introductionDavid Reynolds