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The River


Jez Butterworth

21st to 28th January 2023

A man is on a fishing trip and has brought the woman he loves to be with him in a cabin beside a river. But, like the ebb and flow of the water, and the flash and vanish of the elusive trout, the story twists and weaves and at the very moment we think we have grasped and understood the man and woman’s love affair, we find it’s all pulled from our grasp as one reality evaporates and another, even more seductive one, is put before us.

Jez Butterworth’s plays are infused with beautiful, poetic images. In The River, he has created a bewitching story in which the fisherman’s love affair with the secretive trout eluding him in the watery depths is likened to the elusive and transitory nature of human love.

Rehearsal photographs

The ManSimon Darlington
The WomanNicola Detheridge
The Other WomanMel Beswick
DirectorMike Rogerson
Stage ManagerJohn Coghlan
Prompt/Assistant DirectorDiana Boswell
PropsFenella Fowkes
ASMChristine Unwin
LightingBruce Williams
SoundMark Seyler
WardrobePat Barrow
Composer & SingerEilidh Pollard
Rehearsal photographsChris Hills
Ticket SecretaryJane Anderson