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The Heiress


Ruth and Augustus Goetz,
based on the novel 'Washington Square'
by Henry James

Directed by Winifred Jordan

October 22nd-25th, 1969

Maria (the parlour maid) Etta Geras
Dr Austin Sloper Paul Potter
Mrs Lavinia Penniman (his sister) Biddy Williams
Catherine (his daughter) Belinda Mencel
Mrs Elizabeth Almond (his sister) Joan Dearden
Marian Almond (his niece) Helen Neatherway
Arthur Townsend (Marian's Fiance) Michael Lane
Morris Townsend (Arthur's cousin) Basil Spurgin
Mrs Montgomery (Morris's sister) Shirley Reynolds
Stage Manager Harry Officer
Property Mistress Barbara Heggs
Lighting William R Upton
Sound Sue Barry
Wardrobe Kay Mottram
Prompt Susan L N Wood
Make-Up Rene Roberts
House Manager Alan Rough
Lighting Equipment by Ashworth and Mansfield of Hyde
Furniture supplied by Gimbert's of Manchester