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The Lark


Jean Anouilh

Directed by Jeremy Cleverley

14 - 21 November 1998

To the great lords of her time, as well as the politicians of the Church, expediency was God. So the Maid had to die! To Warwick and Cauchon, her life has the somewhat artificial, and certainly impersonal, quality of a play. Short scenes from it are played out during the trial as they struggle to turn her simplicity into herecy. But it is the glory of her story rather than the tragedy that is the triumphant climax of the play. Even her arch-enemy Warwick agrees that the fitting end should not be the fire; The Lark, whose singing once inspired the French armies, should be allowed to see her greatest victory - the crowning of Charles in the cathedral of Rheims.

Beauchamp John Wallace
Cauchon David Reynolds
Joan of Arc Gemma Langford
Joan's father Paul Lewis
Joan's mother Chris McClory
Joan's brother Daniel Lewis
The Promoter Peter de la Wyche
The Inquisitor Martin Pritchard
Brother Ladvenu Geoffrey Martyn
Robert de Beaudricourt Tony Axford
Agnes Sorel Helen Clark
The Young Queen Deborah Irving
Charles, the Dauphin Simon Taylor
Queen Yolande Linda Batson
Archbishop of Rheims David Quaife
M. de la Tremouille Tim Norfolk
Page to the Dauphin Daniel Lewis
Captain La Hire David Owen-Mellor
Hangman Al Fowkes