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Eric Chappell

Directed by Sylvia Stewart

10th - 17th May 2014

On returning from a night out two couples discover a burglar and apprehend him. They soon begin to wish they hadn't as he commences to disrupt two seemingly happy marriages and reveal certain uncomfortable truths about their honesty.
Rehearsal photographs

Trevor FarringtonAl Fowkes
Jenny FarringtonRani Jackson
Barbara MilesColette Fitton
John MilesMark Rowlands
SpriggsPaul Reid
Stage ManagerKeith Cooney
Deputy Stage ManagerRachael King
ASM/PropsCaroline Lucas, Josh Neary, Jill Ollerenshaw
PromptAdele Taylor
LightingBruce Williams
SoundMark Seyler
WardrobeHeather Bradbury, Pat Barrow
Acting assistantIan McBride
Rehearsal photosChris Hills
House ManagerRonnie Dykstra, Alison Fleming
The play was kindly sponsored by:
SC & P Jones, Builders & Plumbers Merchant and Bathroom Specialists
Croft Corner Guest House